It’s always special when we do something adventurous, which excites us, something we have been waiting to do it for a long time.

It becomes even more special when you do it with your best friends around.

And it gets bigger and becomes “SUPER SPECIAL “when you do it with the crew from “SUPER DIVERS” Phuket.

And that something special was our Discover Scuba Diving day trip..

The most beautiful moment started as we set sail on the Andaman sea for our Discover Scuba Diving day trip from Super Divers. They are not just a company but a super cool crew with lots of energy and compassion in everything that they do. When we went to book our dive program they explained clearly about the course, how it will be done and gave us reassurance for a safe dive.

We were picked up from our hotel early in the morning as per the schedule. We all just carried expectation, enthusiasm and some unknown fear. We reached Chalong pier from where our dive boat was to take us to the dive sites around Racha island, Phuket. Until this part of the day our excitement quotient was pretty flat but all of a sudden our excitement was triggered when we were introduced to our Dive Instructor, a super cool 6.2’ft gentleman Mr Jon and our Dive Master Trainee, a super pretty girl Ms Valerie from the Super Divers team. After seeing our Dive Instructors we got super confident and was infected with the energy from Mr Jon to us. We boarded our dive boat and started our journey. As we moved into the sea, the waves made us feel some butterflies in our stomach and we started reading the catalogue given to us. All information in the catalogue was good but we were slightly confused on how we were going to put it into practice – remembering all the facts about the equipment operations, dive signs and safety methods.

To our surprise everything was made easy and smooth when Mr Jon started to explain things in his own animated style, we knew then that we couldn’t ask for more. Ms Valerie solved our silly doubts with her experience and a warm smile. Demonstration of the equipment was done and we were ready for the first dive. We reached our first dive site, put our BCD on, regulator ready and mask on. There was one question at the back of our minds “Will we do it successfully? “ Trusting Mr Jon and Ms Valerie we took our 1st jump into the sea.

Jon took us to shallow waters at the first dive site to practice the Discover Scuba diving day trip dive skills required and to go over the dive signs we had been taught on the journey out to the first dive site. We felt so confident under the water, the unknown fear which we carried from the hotel disappeared. We started to enjoy the dive and when we came up to the surface of the Sea, we realised a fresh spirit running through our veins.

We got back to the boat beaming from ear to ear, we couldn’t stop smiling! Our adrenaline was pumped to the max! Even though it was just 4 meters of dive, the experience was as special as the first kiss. We chilled out with our team and was then given our brief for the next dive including the marine life we might see. It’s always been said that adventure sport is more about your mindset than your physical strength. Mr Jon played his cards perfectly to put us in the right mindset we needed before the next dive.

We reached our second dive sight and got ourselves ready. Valerie supervised our procedures, then Jon took a final check on us and made a loud comment ‘Super good’ boys. Now there wasn’t any doubt in our mind about this dive.. All we could think was “YES! we are ready for more”.

This time our dive was longer, we were much more comfortable with the way Mr Jon and Ms Valerie accompanied us down the sea and showing us the beautiful underwater world. Equalising, clearing the mask was almost a subconscious process this time. We had some moments but Mr Jon helped us to overcome all those with his signs and his underwater animations. Seeing the turtle on our 2nd dive in itself made our day. WOW, no words to explain the beauty of the marine action below the sea surface. Both our Instructors were pointing to almost every type of fish and corals of Racha Islands. Mr Jon signalled our way towards the surface, we couldn’t believe time had flown so quickly.. We all surfaced amazed at the beautiful moments we had just encountered and new found confidence after hitting 9 meters under sea.

We had a good lunch and a short brief about our 3rd dive. This time we just felt let’s all enjoy the dive. We got ready, went to the dive board and no doubts in our mind except one thought “let’s party “and we took our jump into the sea. We were more comfortable this time, slowly Mr Jon and Ms Valerie let us go from their clutches and this is where we had our proud moments under the sea at almost 11 meters. We felt happy and proud when our Instructors had the confidence to let us go.

“The breath was not just bubbles going up, it was our emotions speaking the language of sea”.

We felt like babies of the sea exploring everything and feeling wonderful about everything around us. We realised that we were going to end our exploration when Mr Jon pulled out an orange pouch and started filling the air in it to signal our boats. This time I could feel inside I was going to the top as a different person. What more can I ask of Mr Jon and Ms Valerie then the wonderful dive experience they have given us. This was more than we could ever expect of a Discover Scuba Diving day trip..

We enjoyed the way back to the port and the joy continued when Mr Jon introduced us to his lovely wife, Lisa and another team member at Super Divers. We all hung around for a while talking about our day and our dive experience. To make it more fun, we had more crew members from Super Divers joining us after finishing their day of scuba diving. The evening turned out to be the best of our 5 day trip in Phuket. The entire team of Super Divers have the energy and passion which made us feel super. There is no better name for them than “SUPER DIVERS”. It’s not just the name they say but it’s what the name means. We had the best time on our trip thanks to all you guys – Mr Jon, Ms Valerie, Lisa, Mike, Darren, Philippe & Reece.

This is why travellers enjoy travelling across the globe.

Back to INDIA as very happy travellers and now Super Divers!

Luv you all

Santha , Ravi and Vijay