What made you decide to join the PADI Divemaster Phuket program?

I started diving around 4 years ago and as cliché as it sounds, immediately fell in love with it. From the beginning, I knew I would be diving for a long time and after finishing my Rescue Diver course, inevitably considered the PADI Divemaster Phuket program. It was a no brainer.

Why Super Divers?

I’ve dived in Phuket many times over the years and I guess you could say that I used to be a sort of dive centre “butterfly” – I’ve gone diving with a few. Despite never having a bad experience, I decided to go with Super Divers for the simple reason: the people. Professional and beyond friendly, I’ve always had the best time with the instructors from the centre. Many people recommended them as well (including my Open Water Instructor) and I knew that if I wanted to push myself and get the most rewarding experience, Super Divers was the way to go.

In 5 words, can you describe your experience of the program so far?

  • Tough – trust me unless you binge on beers every night, you’ll be losing 15 pounds in a month.
  • Ever-changing – no two days are the same. With changing customers and instructors that you’re assisting, every day is just as exciting as the last.
  • Enriching – It’s kind of crazy how much you can learn in a few weeks and how much the instructors can teach you.
  • Fun – diving + socialising – best combo really
  • Unforgettable – I’m meeting some of the best people and making the best memories.

Are you planning to further your PADI professional career and become a PADI Instructor?

I definitely want to do my IDC eventually. Whether it is to work full time or part time and pursue a career in a biological field (after my Biology Bachelors degree), it’s a path I definitely want to explore.

You have some amazing underwater photographs, which we have shared a few here, which camera do you use?

At the moment, I’m using a Nikon D810, which I have been using for over a year. I started with a Canon Powershot G12 though.

Do you have any tips on underwater photography to capture that perfect picture?

Experiment. Get as close as possible to the subject (without touching anything obviously) and play around with angles. Speaking technically, experiment with aperture, shutter speed, ISO (try keep that low though). Also, talk to other photographers, ask for tips until you figure out what you like in your own photos.

And finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to take the first step on the PADI professional ladder and joining the PADI Divemaster Phuket program with us?

Be open to criticism, stay excited to meet people, always offer your help and put in what you want to get out of it.