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Similan Liveaboards & Thailand Liveaboard Diving

Large numbers Similan liveaboards cruise the Similan Islands from October to May offering Phuket scuba diving enthusiasts many different & exciting Thailand liveaboard diving options. The Scuba Diving Phuket team are Similan liveaboard diving specialists with more than twenty years experience working in the Phuket & Similan Islands scuba diving industry. Importantly, we offer honest advice, competitive prices & an unmatched level of customer service.

Thailand Liveaboards & Similan Liveaboards

Undoubtedly, Similan liveaboard diving showcases the very best scuba diving in Thailand. Here, at Scuba Diving Phuket we take pride in offering the Phuket diving community and divers visiting Thailand for a Similan Islands diving liveaboard, a large selection of Thailand liveaboards to suit all budgets and tastes. Offering only Similans liveaboards that strictly meet our criteria in terms of safety and service, the team at Scuba Diving Phuket regularly make inspection trips on the liveaboards in Thailand we offer. Consequently, we provide our guests only the most current information relating to the Thailand diving liveaboards we offer.

Similan liveaboards often dive with whale sharks

Whale Shark Richelieu Rock 

Is There a Similan Liveaboards diving season?

Although Phuket scuba diving day trips & PADI courses are available 365 days a year, the Similans liveaboard dive season is open only from mid-October through to the 15th May. Infact, the Similan Islands National Marine Park is closed to all tourism outside of these dates. Primarily, this is so the islands can take a restful break the effects of tourism and remain in pristine condition. However, while the Similans scuba diving season takes a break, the Scuba Diving Phuket team works throughout the year. Ultimately, we provide valuable information & assist guests with liveaboard bookings, while always prioritizing customer service, ahead of making profits.

Expert Similan Liveaboards Information

Furthermore, our Similan Liveaboards section is managed by our dedicated Scuba Diving Phuket team of PADI professionals, who have been working together in the Phuket scuba diving and Similans liveaboard industry since 2001. Subsequently, decades of combined knowledge & many personal contacts in the Similan liveaboard industry give us a distinct advantage when it comes to dealing with customer requests like refunds for late cancellations, plus many other similar unforeseen problems which guests can often encounter when booking a Similans liveaboard.

Manta Ray from a Similans liveaboard

Manta Rays at Koh Bon

Manta Queen

Special Offers

& Discounts

Manta Queen Special Offers & Discounts

Similan Islands Dive Sites Map

Choosing a Liveaboard?

Need some options to suit your tastes & budget?

The Best Options for Similan Liveaboards

Hallelujah Similans liveaboard diving


Prices From 36,000 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Deep Andaman Queen Thailand Liveaboard


Prices From 31,500 THB
Four to Seven Nights
Similans, Surin, Burma
Diverace Similans liveaboard


Prices From 40,000 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Sawasdee Fasai Similans liveaboard


Prices From 28,700 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Pawara Similans liveaboard


Prices From 26,700 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Giamani Similans liveaboard


Prices From 26,500 THB
Two to Four Nights
Similans & Hin Daeng
Manta Queen 1 Similans liveaboard


Prices From 23,500 20,500 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Manta Queen 2 Similans liveaboard


Prices From 17,600 14,600 THB
Three Nights
Richelieu, Bon, Tachai
Manta Queen 3 Similans liveaboard


Prices From 21,500 18,500 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Manta Queen 5 Similans liveaboard


Prices From 19,900 16,900 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Manta Queen 6 Similans liveaboard


Prices From 22,900 19,900 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Manta Queen 7 Similans liveaboard


Prices From 22,500 19,500 THB
Five Nights
Similans & Surins
Manta Queen 8 Similans liveaboard


Prices From 24,500 21,500 THB
Five Nights
Similans & Surins
Dolphin Queen Similans liveaboard


Prices From 19,800 THB
Four to Six Nights
Similans, Surins, Burma
Similan Explorer Similans liveaboard


Prices From 16,100 THB
Three to Five Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
The Junk Similans liveaboard


Prices From 1,030 USD
Four to Six Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Somboon Similans liveaboard


Prices From 13,900 THB
One Night Upwards
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Best Phuket scuba diving day trips


Phi Phi Islands
Racha Noi & Yai
King Cruiser Wreck

Need Some More Information?

Honest advice, an easy online booking process, zero credit card surcharges & a superb cancellation policy.

Reasons to Consider Similan Liveaboards!



Stunning Scenery!

The Similan Islands have been voted one of the top ten scuba diving destinations in the world for both above & below water beauty.


Best Scuba Diving in Thailand!

Similan scuba diving day trips don’t come close to offering the same standard of scuba diving experienced from a Similans liveaboard.


Mantas & Whale Sharks!

Without a doubt, Similan liveaboards offer the best chance to scuba dive with giant manta rays & whale sharks in Thailand. Manta rays can often be found cruising around Koh Bon & Koh Tachai. In the Similan Islands whale sharks can make surprise appearances just about anywhere, but are frequently spotted at Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock.


Exciting Dive Sites!

Also, Similan liveaboards offer world class scuba diving at a relaxed pace. Most Similan liveaboards include scuba diving at Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon & Koh Tachai. Check our Similan liveaboard pages for liveaboard itineraries, or contact us.


Reduce Other Expenses!

Save on other expenses! Similan liveaboard prices include accommodation and food, so save money on hotel & other expenses you’d incur if you were staying in Phuket. How much would it cost for four nights in a Phuket hotel, plus other expenses like food, etc? When looking at a four night Similans liveaboard, remember this is what you’ll save as all accommodation & food is included.

Similan Liveaboards Thailand

Why Choose Us For Your Similans Liveaboard Experience?


Expert Advice

Our Similan liveaboard experts each have close to twenty years of hands on experience from working within the Similan Islands & Thailand scuba diving industry.


Based in Phuket

We are not a booking agent based overseas with no experience of the Similans Islands scuba diving industry. Specifically, we are physically based in Phuket. Moreover,we are partnered with a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre in Phuket. We are registered with the T.A.T. (Tourism Authority of Thailand).


Professional Service

Similan liveaboard inquiries we receive are handled professionally & in detail by our small but dedicated team of experts. We know the ins and outs of every Similans liveaboard operator, which means we can give the best advice which is both honest and current. Additionally, we know if certain operators have a history of cancelling trips at the last minute, and which operators don’t.


Fast Response Time

We aim to reply to emails fast. When we receive your email, we will reply to it. We also provide our personal phone numbers & are available on Whatsapp Messenger..


Excellent Customer Service

Our priority is to provide a refreshingly high level of customer service. If for any reason one of the Similan liveaboards we represent falls short of the high standards we expect of them, we will stop offering them to our guests. When our guests ask us for some liveaboard options, they can be sure they’ll have high standards of both customer service & safety.


Streamlined Booking Process

A streamlined & simple booking procedure. We can access booking databases for many of the Similan liveaboards we work with, enabling us to check availability, and reserve & book spaces onto liveaboards, something which is important if trips are almost fully booked.


No Credit Card Charges

ZERO credit card surcharges on any payments made to us! Other agents may claim this too, but what they usually fail to mention is that although the deposit you pay to secure a booking will be free from credit card surcharges, if the remaining balance payment is payable directly to the liveaboard operator, it will be subject to a credit card surcharge of up to 5%. We don’t agree with credit card surcharges, & we are the only liveaboard agent which offers guests an option to pay any remaining balances directly to us, to avoid paying credit card surcharges.


Your Safety Matters!

Safety is important! The equipment we provide our liveaboard guests is replaced regularly, and well maintained. We can also provide comfortable fins on request, which are worn with booties (Not available from other agents or dive centres). Guests can request these fins with booties at no additional cost. We can also provide long wetsuits on request, although we recommend shorty 3mm wetsuits in Thailand’s tropical waters.


We Always Go The Extra Mile For Our Guests

Occasionally, guests might need to make a late cancellation to a liveaboard booking. Invariably, liveaboard operators & other agents will quote their terms & conditions for bookings & cancellations, & any payments received are usually forfeited. If guests booking with us should make a late cancellation, we will always make a concerted effort to resell the cancelled spaces on the guests behalf. Usually, we are successful in reselling guests spaces from a late cancellations. Resultantly, this allows us to return the maximum percentage of a guests payment, that we possibly can. Granted, we cannot guarantee we can resell spaces from late cancellations, but we will try hard, where other agents would simply keep your money.

Above all, we care more about customer service than we do about profits. We take pride in always going the extra mile so our guests return to us year after year!

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