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Similan Liveaboards & Thailand Liveaboard Diving

Large numbers Similan liveaboards cruise the Similan Islands from October to May offering Phuket scuba diving enthusiasts many different & exciting Thailand liveaboard diving options. The Scuba Diving Phuket team are Similan liveaboard diving specialists with more than twenty years experience working in the Phuket & Similan Islands scuba diving industry. Importantly, we offer honest advice, competitive prices & an unmatched level of customer service.

Thailand Liveaboards & Similan Liveaboards

Undoubtedly, Similan liveaboard diving showcases the very best scuba diving in Thailand. Here, at Scuba Diving Phuket we take pride in offering the Phuket diving community and divers visiting Thailand for a Similan Islands diving liveaboard, a large selection of Thailand liveaboards to suit all budgets and tastes. Offering only Similans liveaboards that strictly meet our criteria in terms of safety and service, the team at Scuba Diving Phuket regularly make inspection trips on the liveaboards in Thailand we offer. Consequently, we provide our guests only the most current information relating to the Thailand diving liveaboards we offer.

Similan liveaboards often dive with whale sharks

Whale Shark Richelieu Rock 

Is There a Similan Liveaboards diving season?

Although Phuket scuba diving day trips & PADI courses are available 365 days a year, the Similans liveaboard dive season is open only from mid-October through to the 15th May. Infact, the Similan Islands National Marine Park is closed to all tourism outside of these dates. Primarily, this is so the islands can take a restful break the effects of tourism and remain in pristine condition. However, while the Similans scuba diving season takes a break, the Scuba Diving Phuket team works throughout the year. Ultimately, we provide valuable information & assist guests with liveaboard bookings, while always prioritizing customer service, ahead of making profits.

Expert Similan Liveaboards Information

Furthermore, our Similan Liveaboards section is managed by our dedicated Scuba Diving Phuket team of PADI professionals, who have been working together in the Phuket scuba diving and Similans liveaboard industry since 2001. Subsequently, decades of combined knowledge & many personal contacts in the Similan liveaboard industry give us a distinct advantage when it comes to dealing with customer requests like refunds for late cancellations, plus many other similar unforeseen problems which guests can often encounter when booking a Similans liveaboard.

Manta Ray from a Similans liveaboard

Manta Rays at Koh Bon

Manta Queen

Special Offers

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Manta Queen Special Offers & Discounts

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Choosing a Liveaboard?

Need some options to suit your tastes & budget?

The Best Options for Similan Liveaboards

Hallelujah Similans liveaboard diving


Prices From 36,000 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Deep Andaman Queen Thailand Liveaboard


Prices From 31,500 THB
Four to Seven Nights
Similans, Surin, Burma
Diverace Similans liveaboard


Prices From 40,000 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Sawasdee Fasai Similans liveaboard


Prices From 28,700 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Pawara Similans liveaboard


Prices From 26,700 THB
Four Nights
Similans, Bon, Richelieu
Giamani Similans liveaboard


Prices From 26,500 THB
Two to Four Nights
Similans & Hin Daeng