There are 2 seasons of Phuket weather, dry and wet..

That’s it.. The dry season can be defined in many ways, hot, humid and high season as this is the time when people tend to come to Phuket for their holidays. Who doesn’t want the beautiful Phuket weather? Who doesn’t want the sunshine? But this also means that everywhere becomes busy, prices are hiked up and it all becomes a little bit crazy. The dry/hot season runs from November – April with April being the hottest month and when the New Year, Songkran is celebrated (great time to be in Thailand btw)..

The rains start to fall towards the end of April (in my experience) and continues through to October. Infrequent downpours brought by the NE monsoon.. There are plenty of sunny days and everything is much calmer, quieter and prices drop in some places for what is known as low season.. Don’t be put off coming during these months, it’s still a great temperature, doesn’t rain 24 hours a day as some would have you believe and you’ll find many a deserted beach to relax in paradise. Flights and hotel prices drop incredibly too. There will be days it rains most of the day but there’s loads of stuff to entertain you – watch a movie at the cinema at Central Festival, go Wakeboarding at Anthem Park go scuba diving with Super Divers you’re going to get wet anyway so why not make the most of it!

Just be assured that if the weather report shows ‘thunderstorms’ or rain it’s unlikely these will last all day. You’ll often find that there’s a big downpour in the night/early morning and the skies return to glorious blue dotted with white clouds. Please note September is the wettest month with a considerable leap in the expected rainfall compared to other months in the wet season.

The temperature is much more bearable from the months of July through to October, little cooler in the evening (you may need a light jacket at the most) and you’ll get plenty of beach time as the sun will be out. Be aware of the red flags on the beaches prohibiting you from swimming in the sea in some areas, it’s the time of year for strong currents and rip tides.

Thailand Weather Table

Max Temp (°C)262829303029292828282726
Max Rain (mm)092535681951501601903302305509
Chiang Mai
Max Temp (°C)212326292928272727262422
Max Rain (mm)080516451601401702302501304515
Max Temp (°C)262829303029292828282726
Max Rain (mm)102540801651201651703002306510
Koh Samui
Max Temp (°C)262628292928282828272625
Max Rain (mm)45101565190115145125210260300110
Max Temp (°C)272828292828282827272727
Max Rain (mm)10154016035021026026042030021040